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These days, the plus-size consumer can easily find many designers who make well-fitting and beautiful dresses for their size. In the fashion world, the ultimate starting point for plus-sizes has no single size to be set and the store and the designer will affect it. A much higher level of plus-size clothing comes with high quality and styles. The plus-size division offers many different dresses styles to opt from, and to decide what styles will compliment them best, women should know their exacting body types before shopping. Every woman has a different body type, so need to realize this when picking out plus size dresses. Here are women body shapes and how to dress them.

Apple Body Type

Women with apple body shape or inverted triangle shape have round all over with wider waist than both the shoulders and hips. They have a round and vague waistline, broad shoulders and full neck, face, and breasts. Choose dress that highlights the hips and legs when buying plus size dresses as the stomach and upper body hold most weight. Choose silk and cotton fabrics as the stomach area is looser fitting. Avoid large gaudy designs but pick uncomplicated and small patterns instead to provide the illusion of length rather than width.

Pear Body Type

A woman is considered pear shaped or a triangle shape if she has naturally more bottom heavy than top heavy. She has narrow shoulders and back, and slim neck. Her bust and waist is typically medium sized with the calves, thighs, and rear end holds most of the weight. Choose fabrics that take attention away from the lower part of the body and highlight the upper body when buying plus size dresses for a pear shaped body. Choose a dress that draw attention to the neckline to draw eyes to the slimmer neck and shoulders area and keep the attention away from the bottom portion such as the halter style. Also try to focus on the waistline such as an empire fit and A-line dresses. They are more free-flowing underneath the waistline and more fitting on the top part of the body.

Hourglass Body Type

The most proportioned of all the diverse body shapes is an hourglass body type as this shape shows femininity making plus-size women prefers this shape. This hourglass shape has hips and bust with the same medium to large size and smaller waist. Hourglass shaped figures are easier to dress due to this proportional shape. Highlight a narrow waist when choosing shape fitting plus size dresses such as wrap dresses, and belted styles. Accentuate the waistline and lengthen the body with U-neck and V-neck shaped necklines.

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