Fashion Model Sketch Dress Guide for Beginner Designers

If you have fashion in designing, you have to read this fashion model sketch dress guide for sure. One of the focuses in fashion school is how to make the students to be able in drawing fashion model. Fashion model refers to the person whether male or female which is usually found in fashion sketches. The most common problem which occurs for beginner designer is the body proportion of the model. Better proportion will provide better interpretation for the clients or fashion lovers. So, here we are some steps to draw model sketch dress.

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You have to prepare standard drawing stuffs like pencil, eraser and paper before drawing fashion model sketch dress. Then, start our drawing learning by drawing a line. The function of the line is to be the balance of the body. It can be the center of the body too. Secondly, start to draw a circle in the middle of the line. Now, you realize that we are drawing a head based on the line. Create another circle below it, but this one is smaller. Then connect both circles into one. After that, measure it as the head as the base of the rest body. Continue the line which we created before into nine parts.

Those nine parts are including the head. For the body, you have to notice that the next second part until a half before three is the shoulder. Then, the third part is the waist and so on until the last part as the legs. This is the formula how to get proportional body for the fashion model. Draw every part of body based on those parts of the line. We are sure you can draw it easier with the line. Draw the upper body until the fourth part. Meanwhile, the rest parts are lower body. Until this step, you have finished to draw normal model of fashion sketch. The next turn is modifying the model with fashion model sketch dress.

Now, you have proportional model to be designed. The dress should be suitable for female model. It is up to you to design the dress. If necessary, you can use pencil color to make it attractive and better. Once you master this normal model, you can draw harder skills such as walking pose. The key is on the parts of the line that we discussed before. You have to make the one line lower than other especially on the legs. Hopefully you can follow this fashion model sketch dress guide.

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