Men Casual Shoes 2019 That Are Not Just Sneakers

Say goodbye for your sneaker collection because the trends for men casual shoes belong to the list of what we share today. Yeah, we do agree that sneaker is timeless shoes. But, it is not the only one casual shoe in this world guys. Moreover, we live in new trend now with so much variation […]

Fashion Model Sketch Dress Guide for Beginner Designers

If you have fashion in designing, you have to read this fashion model sketch dress guide for sure. One of the focuses in fashion school is how to make the students to be able in drawing fashion model. Fashion model refers to the person whether male or female which is usually found in fashion sketches. […]

Winter Outfits with White Jeans 2019 Fashion Styles

Before it is coming, it would be better if you prepare winter outfits with white jeans. White jeans are the best way to walk in the cold weather like winter. Winter has special effect for white jeans because it has the same characteristics with snows. Perhaps, that is why winter is identic with white jeans, […]

45 Bag Trends 2019 for Women that should be Owned In 2019

Women these days just purchased their Bag Trends 2019 for Women blindly. This is absolutely wrong because you have to follow the current trends to be fashionable women. Consequently, the unused bags will be ignored because its outdated design. Of course, it is such a wasted money activity, right? We have some tips for you […]

Designers Suit for Men 2019 Qualities for Modern Fashions

Unlike women, designers suit for men is moving slowly from year to year. This is perhaps the main reason why men suits almost similar every year, right? Moreover, it also differentiates men’s fashion and women’s fashion obviously. Here, we are trying to guide choosing designer’s suit for improving your look and appearance. For your information, […]

Fashion Design Sketches Of Dresses: How to Make Them Properly

Our fashion design sketches of dresses will show you how sophisticated modern fashion nowadays. Behind those great photographs, there are many great illustrators with their masterpiece. Of course, they are also supported by good drawing kits like sketchbooks, pencil and many more. Fashion is nothing without them. Today, we want to share you some inspirational […]

Casual Dresses for Teenagers with Sleeves Benefits and Functions

Casual dresses for teenagers with sleeves are important since several years ago. However, many teenagers do not know how to make it more ease and comfort with their body. Meanwhile, this phase should be their time to show themselves to everyone. Of course, you want to be comfort, right? What you need is just self-expression […]